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Bohan Jiang

Computer Science Student at the University of Western Ontario

Hi. I'm Bohan. I'm a first year computer science student at Western University. Welcome to my personal website.

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Email: Phone Number:(613) 700-0777 Resume: Download my Resume Here Social Media:(See Bottom of page)
Who am i?
I'm first year a computer science student at Western University, and I'm interested in pursuing a dual-degree in Honors Business Administration in the future. In my spare time, I like to work on programming projects, read, play badminton, play guitar, and hit the gym.
Where am I from?
Since my birth in Zibo, China, I've traveled across the world to live in three countries and six different cities. Such cities include Wuhan, Singapore, Quebec City, and though my family resides now in Ottawa, I currently live in London Ontario to attend university. Throughout my life, I've had the opportunity to pick up and learn Mandarin, English, and French.
What courses am I taking?
I'm currently taking five courses in my first term at Western: CS1033 Multimedia and Communications, CS1032 Information Systems and design, CS1026 Computer Science Fundamentals, Calculus 1000A, and Business 1220E.
How can you contact me?
For any inquiries, feel free to contact me through email, at


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Financial Literacy is important. For everyone. At all ages. Especially in high school. Find out more by checking out FuturFund.

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Personal development is important. Seriously. And this guy's personal development blog is pretty good. Check him out at

technical skills

Here are some of the technical skills that I know, rated on a relative basis, on a subjective level.

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Soft Skills

Here is a list of my soft skills, rated truthfully to my best ability.

Work and Leadership experiences

From delivering newspapers to being elected president of a student-run company, I've had the opportunity to tackle a variety of unique leadership positions and experiences up to date. But I'm always searching for more!


( July 2016 : Present ) Director of Technology

Oversaw complete administrative duties of Futurfund’s information systems, a non-profit start-up organization that seeks to promote financial literacy in Canada’s high school education curriculum. Tasks include maintenance, development, and design of the company website, communications systems support, and any technological assistance needed to ensure the fluid operations of the company.

Access Healthcare Services Inc.

( July 2016 : Aug. 2016 ) Database Administration Specialist

Managed a healthcare clinic’s databases on the Microsoft SQL Server using the SQL language and oversaw strict and safe procedures to configure, troubleshoot, and ensure secure data migration of the clinic and several thousands of its clients’ sensitive information.

Summit Energy

( July 2016 ) Direct Marketing

Direct Sales position employing door-to-door methods as a means to determine customer interest and sign contracts with customers which would secure household electricity and gas bills from fluctuating changes.


( Feb. 2016 ) Team Leader

Selected contestant to go compete in MIT’s annual high school Hackathon; Lead a team of students to create GoSomewhere, a website and app dedicated to help homeless people find nearby help, food, and shelter.


( Sept. 2015 : Jan. 2016 ) President

Elected President for the student-run high school entrepreneurship startup, InfiniTea. The company's main product was various flavors of artisanal tea wrapped in a handcrafted gift box. This position required extensive leadership skills, the ability to manage relationships between customers and suppliers, and the initiative to effectively delegate tasks and manage workers in a company environment. Results included an extremely satsifed customer base, an exceptionally large product demand, and a 200% share value growth compared to initial investment.

Multi-Photo Editor Extension

( Feb. 2014 : Aug. 2015 ) Project Leader

Lead a team of developers to work directly with a client to design and implement a market-grade Photoshop plugin to batch edit multiple pictures simultaneously for a sports card editing business.

Record Time

( Sept. 2014 : Jan. 2015 ) Vice-President IT

Elected Vice-President of Information Technology for a student-run entrepreneurial start-up company, Record Time. The product consisted of a clock constructed by spray prainting stencil clock designs onto a vinyl record, and subsequently installing clock mechanisms onto these vinyl disks. My position required me to conduct website development and design, supportive business card design, online marketing, social media profile management, and various other IT projects required by the company. The Marketing Award was attained for the company's exceptional product marketing.

Loblaws Bakery

( Sept. 2014 - Mar. 2015 ) Bakery Assistant

Bakery associate at the local grocery store. Responsibilities included customer service by helping and serving customer needs, cleaning, baking, packaging, etc. During night shifts, additional duties included inventory management and product organization.

Café Français

( Oct. 2012 : June 2015 ) Club Head

Founded the high school's sole French Club with over 70+ members in order to promote bilingualism in the school community. Responsibilities included directing social activities in French, while also providing help for students’ French projects and homework.

Personal Tutor

( Nov. 2012 : Aug. 2016 )

Personal tutor that taught students from Grades 1 – 11 in French, English, Math, and Sciences by going over their homework and projects at school as well as instigating a variety of different learning techniques and exercises.

Le Soleil

( Oct. 2010 : June 2011 ) Newspaper Delivery

My first part-time job at an early age - delivered newspapers each morning at 6AM. Different streets and customers each day required constant reorganizing of routes to assure fast delivery in time.

"Civilize the mind, but make savage the body."

- Chairman Mao -

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